Our story

January 1992: As an initiative of the XIII Ayuntamiento through DIF Tijuana, with the support of the State Government, who donated the land and the contribution of the Federal Government, through Programa Solidaridad, who provided the resources for its building, it is created the Asociación para los Niños de Tijuana, A.C., Ciudad de los Niños.

December 1st 1992: With the intervention of the three government levels, and backed by a group of committed citizens, the Asociación starts its operations as a space for the most vulnerable children of Tijuana to receive assistance, protection, education, orientation and care in a professional and systematic way.

January, 1993: Tijuana is affected by a storm, causing important damages in roadways and working-class communities; the access and part of the facilities were damaged, for which the operation team participates in tasks such as assisting the victims and coordinating the refuge, meanwhile the repairs of the parking area and access to the institution are being done. This catastrophe made the civil organization of the city come together, forming the first city-wide network AUDAS (Asociaciones Unidas para el Desarrollo y Acción Social), which we are part of.

April 15, 1993: The institution starts it labors, putting to work Central de Referencia, now known as Unidad de Servicios Especializados (USE).

May 15, 1993: Albergue infantile opens its doors, creating a great demand among the families and institutions of the city that needed of specialized attention.

To be able to support more comprehensively the families that we assist, we started to coordinate with other public and private institutions, creating a work network that has been providing good results up until now. As an example of this, we have the participation of Club de Damas Rotarianas, which is committed to our children with hearing loss. For over 19 years, and together with Damas Rotarianas and some of the foreign and regional Club Rotario, we have been doing the Campaña de Dotación de Axuliares Auditivos for children and adolescents with low income.

1996: The institution becomes an authorized done, which allows it to receive donations that are used for the attention of the children, done through different programs.

With the goal of assuring the sustainability of the projects, it is created a second hand store that gives place to Fundación Tabgha, and which main purpose is to provide resources for different Civil Associations of the State.

1998: We create a civil association through which we make an agreement with IMSS to provide daycare services for the children of working mothers.

2007: The institution receives the Certificado del Centro Mexicano de Filantropía, the optimum level taking into account the Indicadores de Institucionalidad y Transparencia.

2009: The Asociación is a founding member of Red Aser, a group of social civil organizations of Tijuana.

2010: Hemos promovido la conformación del Comité de Casas Hogar desde 2010, convocando a reuniones periódicas, a eventos de capacitación y/o dirigiendo documentos a las autoridades para buscar incidir en las políticas públicas de atención a la infancia.

2014: La Certificadora Social Filantrofilia llevó a cabo un proceso de evaluación a nuestra institución, obteniendo como calificación final de 3.14 en una escala de cero a cuatro en su Desarrollo Institucional.

2016: Recibimos por parte de autoridades de DIF Estatal, Licencia de Operación como Centro de Asistencia Social, al demostrar que se cuenta con las condiciones óptimas para brindar servicio con calidad y calidez a aquellos niños y niñas que han vivido experiencias desfavorables en sus hogares y requieren recibir protección y cuidados amorosos en nuestro Albergue Infantil.