Unidad de Servicios Especializados

We provide professional attention to children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, educational, social, and/or communicational problems that put at risk their development and integrity.

Our Services

1- Psychological therapy

2- Speech therapy

3- Pedagogical support group

4- Filial therapy

5- Support with some health services (referrals to specialist, blood tests, among other medical tests)

6- Individual and group orientation for parents

How can I receive services for my child?

To receive services, it is necessary for the father, mother or legal guardian to come to our institution to do a socio-economical study and have an interview with the Social Work area. We have developed a professional and comprehensive attention model that has allowed many children to change their life conditions and have better growth expectations.

Parent group

“Learning to reinforce the school learnings of my child”

It motivates the parents to take active part in the improvement of the school performance of their children. We keep a tight communication with other professionals that support children, adolescents and families, looking for this intervention to be interdisciplinary and inter-institutional.

Hearing Aids Donation

Every year, we undertake a campaing called “CAMPAÑA DE DONACIÓN DE AUXILIARES AUDITIVOS”, aimed to low income children with hypoacousia (hearing loss or decrease), funded by Club de Damas Rotarianas.

Would you like to sponsor a child of our Unidad de Servicios Especializados?

We invite you to learn about our program Círculo de Amigos.