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Specialized Services Unit

Provides professional attention to children, and teenagers who have some emotional, educative, behavioral, social problems in their communication, that threaten their integrity and growth.


Parent Orientation Groups

Teaching with love

The program has a design that allows the aspects of the children to be worked in an integral way so that parents can focus in the emotional aspects and not only on the behavior of children and adolescents.

Language stimulation and development

To inform parents about the meaning, development, and stimulation of the language. They can identify the difficulties that comes from a language problem, as well as recognize the relationship between self-esteem and language, the importance of play and team work.

Parent’s school, Mexican model institute for excellence in education

Provides information to parents about the relationship with their children as well as the interaction between the couple. They will be able to analyze their own attitudes, improve, and even change them if they want to effectively help their children, all this in a context where they can exchange ideas, experiences and feelings with other parents.

Learning to reinforce my child’s school learning

Motivating parents to participate actively to promote the school performance of children. We maintain close communication with our professionals who support children, teenagers and family, seeking for the intervention to be interdisciplinary   and interinstitutional.

Filial therapy

Therapy group based on free play between parents and children and as main objective to strengthen the emotional bond, supporting children to develop strong self-esteem. A healthy personality and adequate social relationships.

Annually we develop a HEARING AID DEVICES DONATION CAMPAIGN, aimed at low-income children with hearing loss, sponsored by Damas Rotarianas.

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