Albergue Infantil

Every year, millions of children are victims of neglecting, abuse and exploitation around the world; to give a response to this problem and to contribute to its assistance, Ciudad de los Niños opened the doors of the Albergue.

Our Goal

To offer a shelter for 40 children who live in vulnerable situations or that have suffered mistreatment by providing PROTECTION, ASISITIVE CARE, EDUCATIONAL AND THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT, decreasing that way the consequences of violence in their lives, therefore, changing their future.

Attention Model

As we consider our children beings with social, psychological, wealth and spiritual needs, we promote their harmonic development in all the dimensions. We believe that, with the right care and stimulus, children can make extraordinary progress in their lives. To preserve the good quality attention, we focus in providing timely and appropriate response to the multiple NECESSITIES OF THE CHILDREN, such as:

● A safe and warm home

● Balanced nutrition

● Health care

● Pre-School educations (Montessori System)

● Integration to school and pedagogical support

● Emotional support

● Psychological therapy

● Early stimulation

The commitment and love of the volunteers, professionals, institutions and people who work at the Albergue have allowed many children the opportunity of living a childhood with better conditions, but most importantly, feeling loved.

¿Do you want to take part in a child´s life?

● In-kind donations

● Cash donations

● Volunteer work

● Health care

● Sponsoring a child

Our programs and services are maintained thanks to the generous contributions from people like you.

Come, get to know us, become a part of this great team in favor of children.